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In October I finally took the plunge – I joined a gym! I always thought a gym was unnecessary; I figured I can stay perfectly fit and healthy doing workouts at home or outside. But I got a good deal on a membership to a fitness studio in town that specializes in yoga, pilates, barre, rowing, and TRX suspension classes. And I love it!

Before this membership, I had never done any group fitness classes (unless you count track workouts with my college team). It was a little intimidating at first, but once I sucked it up and got over my nerves, I really enjoyed these new classes. It was great to workout with other people and have a trainer there to push me harder than I would push myself at home. And the best part – I didn’t have to come up with the workout!

One of the classes that I’ve started taking at my new studio is BarreAmped. Barre classes are inspired by classic and modern dance and focuses on small, isolated movements within deep, challenging postures. It is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat and lengthen tight muscles.

These classes are no joke. I know I’m not in my peak physical condition anymore, but even if I was, I’m pretty sure these classes would still be challenging. First of all, they are an hour long, which is about 40 minutes longer than any of my at-home workouts. They are also full body, starting with the arms, then moving to the leg and seat muscles, and finishing up with the core. I’ve found these classes to be especially challenging for my leg muscles (which admittedly are probably my weak spot). Every time I’ve gone to one of these classes, I end up working my legs to the point of uncontrollable shaking. And not just little tremors. I’m talking full on convulsing. It’s slightly embarrassing, but I’m not the only one struggling so that makes it okay. 🙂

While I love my new gym, I don’t get there as often as I would like. Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, going to the studio requires me to either go when my husband is home from work or find a babysitter. So on the days when the scheduling doesn’t work out for me to get out of the house for a barre class, I’ve created a shorter, at-home version. Enjoy!


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