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Recently I met a new friend in the weight room. We have decided to keep each other accountable to working out even amidst all of the chaos of classes, homework, and jobs. The other day we did this circuit together in the weight room to get a quick but challenging 20-minute full body circuit in.

I structured this circuit to have 12 different exercises alternating between lower body, upper body, and core. Each exercise is followed by a 10 second rest before beginning the next exercise. We went through the circuit three separate times doing the exercises for 30 seconds, then 20 seconds, then 10 seconds at a time. We took a few minutes of rest between each full circuit. 

The goal of the workout is to do as many reps as possible with good form in the allotted time. If possible, grab a friend to do the circuit with you. I loved having a partner to encourage and challenge me! 

Most of the exercises have been up on Vaulter Fit before in various other workouts. However, two I want to explain are the “steering wheel” and the “toe-thrusters.” 
Steering Wheel –  Use a 5 or 10 lb weight (dumbbell, kettlebell or plate) and hold it out in front of you. Move the weight from side-to-side as if you were driving and jiggling a steering wheel back and forth. Keep hips and feet squared to the front and focus the movement in your arms and shoulders. Tighten your core to stabilize yourself.

Toe Thrusters – Lay flat on your back with your feet sticking up so your body makes an ‘L.’ Thrust your feet up into the air, lifting your pelvis off the ground. Keep your feet/toes at eye level. Your legs should go straight up and not behind your head. Lower pelvis back down to the ground so you end in the ‘L’ position. Repeat until the time is finished.

20 minute full body workout




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