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Sorry for sounding like a bro with that title, but sometimes I just can’t fight it. I’ve worked as a Personal Trainer for almost four years now, and have had the privilege of working with tons of different people. Brain surgeons, CEO’s, retired folks, stay at home moms, teachers, auditors, lawyers, and so on. Some were super fit to begin with, and some hadn’t stepped foot in a gym…ever. Some were training for a marathon, some wanted to get stronger, some wanted to look more ‘jacked’, and some just wanted a break from their kids. You see where I’m going with this. Everyone works out for different reasons.

But the one thing I see over and over again from person to person is this: everyone is insecure about SOMETHING while they’re working out. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female, 25 years old or 55 years old, 130 pounds or 330 pounds, 10% body fat or 30% body fat. Exercise makes people self-conscious. And the source of that insecurity almost always comes from comparing ourselves to other people at the gym. We say or think things like, “That girl is so much skinnier than me,” or “If only I could squat as much as that guy,” or “My arms will never look like Kate Hudson’s.” (speaking of Kate Hudson, have you seen her Fabletics active wear line? If we can’t have her arms we might as well wear her leggings, am I right?) It may not seem like a big deal, but I have seen this way of thinking derail more of my client’s goals than anything else.

The next time you’re at the gym remember this: Everyone starts in a different place, everyone progresses at a different rate, and everyone ends in a different place. The person next to you doesn’t know anything about your fitness journey, and you don’t know anything about theirs. Before you compare yourself to them, remember that your day 1 could be their day 1,000.  When you feel yourself falling into that comparison trap, focus on your own goals, your own progress, and your own accomplishments, and you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of achieving.

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