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Last weekend I wrote an article on how I find time to exercise as a mom. I shared four different ways I have found to squeeze in my workout. Well, today I utilized two of them unintentionally. I only planned on doing one workout today, but sometimes keeping our kiddos happy turns into a workout in and of itself.

During my daughter’s morning nap, I focused on my arms and core with this dumbbell circuit that I put together. Then I showered and got ready for the day, thinking I was done exercising for the day. Apparently my baby had other plans. :/

She usually takes a very predictable two hour nap in the afternoon, but today she ended up falling asleep earlier than usual and subsequently waking up after only 45 minutes. 🙁 So later that afternoon, when she got a little cranky from a lack of a good nap, I strapped her on my back in my Ergo baby carrier and went out for an hour long hike around our neighborhood. I guess she was just looking out for me and trying to make sure that I worked all my muscle groups today. 😉

Anyway, here is the dumbbell arm and core workout I did in the morning. You will need a set of 10-15lb dumbbells. I used a set of 15’s because that’s the only size I have at my house. This circuit alternates between a push-up plank (holding your body in the “up” position of a push-up) and an exercise using one or both dumbbells. I repeated the circuit three times to make sure I got in a really good workout, but it is up to you how many sets you want to do. I did the push-up plank with my hands on the dumbbells to get a few more muscles working in my arms. By the third round, however, my palms were getting pretty sore, so I switched to keeping my hands flat on the floor.

The whole workout probably took me about 20 minutes to complete.

Arms & Core Dumbbell Workout | VaulterFit


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