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During my third trimester, I have done a lot of research about how to have a quick and easy delivery. I saw a quote from Ina May Gaskin, notorious midwife, that said something to the effect of 300 squats a day will give you a fast and easy delivery (sorry I don’t remember the actual quote). I saw on another site that strong glute muscles will help with labor and delivery as well as strengthen your pelvic floor.

So here is a glute workout I put together to work my butt and lower body.


Depending on how you are feeling at this point in your pregnancy, feel free to adjust the sets and reps of this workout so that it is comfortable for you. I probably pushed it a little too hard with this glute workout. It’s hard for me to dial it back from what I would normally do when I’m not pregnant.

I did 10 reps of each exercise three times through. I did the exercises back to back, but took a break between each set. I did 10 reps on each leg for the donkey kicks and side lunges. The donkey kicks were fine, but that many side lunges was a bit much for my body to handle, so I should have done 10 reps total instead of on each leg. I also should have used less weight on my weighted squats (I used a 35lb. kettlebell).


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