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I’ve gotten a lot of interesting responses over the years when I tell people I’m a personal trainer. There’s a few people who say “Sweet! I think that’s awesome!” and there’s a few people who all of a sudden can’t get out of the conversation fast enough. But by far the most common response I get is an instant explanation of why exercise isn’t something they do, and how they’ve tried this and that and none of it has ever worked. I always feel guilty that my profession itself makes others feel the need to explain themselves, but at the same time I know that my profession could be EXACTLY what they need to change their thoughts about exercise! Unfortunately, not a lot of people give thought to working with a personal trainer because we tend to get the reputation of being scary, intimidating people who yell a lot 🙂 But what I want you to know is my voice actually squeaks and quivers when I try to talk even remotely loud, and though I may look intimidating while I’m working out, those headphones in my ears are really just bumping the sickest Taylor Swift playlist you’ve ever heard and I’m fighting back the urge to sing along.

My point is, don’t overlook working with a personal trainer because of these misconceptions. Here are some reasons that getting a trainer could be the most beneficial thing you do for yourself:


  • Accountability. This one no doubt tops the list of benefits of working with a personal trainer. A lack of accountability is one of the top reasons people tend to fail at maintaining a regular exercise routine. There is so much to be said for having an appointment at the gym scheduled, or even someone shooting you a text asking “how’d your workout go today?!” Having that extra little kick from your trainer, or knowing that someone truly cares whether or not you’re staying on track, is a huge part of your exercise success.
  • Having a plan. Another benefit of having a personal trainer is that they will always, always, always, have something planned for you. Even when you are successful at making it to the gym, if you get there without a plan, I guarantee you that workout will not be as beneficial as it could have been had you come in knowing exactly what you were going to do that day. Having someone lay it all out for you, and encourage you to stick with that plan (and not skip your least favorite exercises….), is vital in getting the most out of your workouts.
  • No boredom. I have SO many people tell me that they stopped exercising because they were BORED with their workouts. If you’re doing the exact same thing every time you go to the gym, OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO GET BORED (sorry, I’m contradicting myself on the whole yelling thing). And when you’re bored with your workouts, you’re way more likely to skip them. It is so important, for both your mind and your muscles, to continually switch up your gym routine and incorporate new things on a regular basis. Part of working with a trainer is constantly receiving new workouts that make you excited to hit the gym, instead of doing the same ol’ boring routine you’ve come to despise.

I don’t want to sound like I’m blowing smoke here. Being a personal trainer and all, of course I’m going to say these things. But in addition to being a personal trainer, I also happen to be a human and often struggle with these things myself. I’ve seen people go at it on their own and have success, and that’s awesome. But I’ve seen so many MORE people struggle and struggle with succeeding at their exercise goals, get frustrated, and quit. If that’s you, you are totally missing out on the empowering and confidence-building thing that exercise can be. Let’s change that!

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